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How To Wear A Jumpsuit (Ultimate Style Guide)

How To Wear A Jumpsuit (Ultimate Style Guide)

Jumpsuits are hands-down an evergreen style statement. Even those who don’t wear jumpsuits secretly love the way it looks and feels. 

Though it’s a single piece of clothing, there are many styles, cuts and designs of trendy jumpsuits for women. Jumpsuits complement the body shape and give a stylish and chic vibe. While it’s a bit tricky to style jumpsuits, accessorizing it right would make you look cool and hot!

So, the big question now is, “How to dress up a jumpsuit?”

Let’s jump in and see some practical style tips for women to wear jumpsuits.

The Ultimate Guide to Look Stylish and Stunning Wearing a Jumpsuit 

One reason why some women think twice before picking out a jumpsuit is the way it brings out the body. When you don’t choose the right colour or cut of the jumpsuit, you may end up looking too tall, short or broad. But when you pick the right design, it would become the most flattering outfit you have ever worn! Keep the following style tips in your mind when you’re picking out jumpsuits.

Give the Most Importance to the Footwear:

We all know that jumpsuits don’t need much accessorizing. So, it all boils down to the type of footwear you choose.

So, how to decide which shoes to wear with a jumpsuit? Here’s a quick hack. 

For casual denim jumpsuits, you can go with the usual coloured sneakers like black or white

But for any other material jumpsuits, heeled shoes are always the smart and safest choice. You can go for pointed heels, pumps, slingbacks or platform stilettos. The right footwear will adjust your posture, complement the jumpsuit and impart a hip vibe when you walk in it. 



Cinch Your Jumpsuit for a Feminine Look:

We cannot emphasize it enough. Since a jumpsuit is a single piece of clothing, you need to add a belt or a rope at your waist to define your body. Else, the entire outfit will look disfigured and unproportionate. 

Some jumpsuits for women come with a cinched waist or a rope, like this black waist tie jumpsuit. This jumpsuit is very simple and flattering to any body shape. The best part is that you don’t have to think a lot about accessorizing this jumpsuit. Just throw on some silver bracelet and a pair of beige wedges or pumps and you would look ravishing and sexy!

When to wear a jumpsuit is one question that many have. Unlike the common opinion, you can wear jumpsuits to formal affairs too. In fact, for this black jumpsuit, you can throw on a navy blue blazer and convert it into a formal jumpsuit.



Prefer a Single Colour Jumpsuit When in Doubt:

If you are skeptical about choosing a jumpsuit and don’t want to look like a fashion disaster, then be safe and go for a single coloured one. Usually, black, blue and red jumpsuits are the simple options to prefer. If you want to break the monotony of the jumpsuit, go for detailed ones with buttons, criss-cross designs or tie-up designs. 

Take a look at this gorgeous blue jumpsuit with tie detail in the front. This jumpsuit in itself is sufficient to turn heads. You can pair it off with a simple necklace and white or beige heels to complete the look. Similarly, this bold red jumpsuit with side buttons is another great find. With slits at the bottom from the knees, this outfit paired with black heels is just perfect for a fun day out. 




Go for Cropped Jumpsuits to Look Taller:

Some believe that wearing jumpsuits can make them look shorter. Well, that’s not the case when you wear cropped jumpsuits. 

There are many trendy cropped jumpsuits available that give an illusion of making one look taller than they are. It would be best to pair such cropped jumpsuits with black cashmere heels to make a fashionable outfit. 

At Tickled Pink, our black cropped jumpsuit is one of the favourites with its criss-cross front. You can wear this for a casual day out with your friends and add on a blue denim blazer for a better look. You can wear your hair up in a messy ponytail for a striking look.



Pick Out Layered Ones for a Change:

For all those who are a bit conscious about their body shape, don’t let it stop you from wearing trendy jumpsuits! Go for the jumpsuits with a layered top like the black, criss-cross one we saw earlier and this ruffled mocha jumpsuit. These simple ruffles on the top will make you look slim and sophisticated. 

Yet again, you don’t need too many accessories for this one. But if you want to bring this outfit up one level, pick out a hat in the same colour to look sharp and utterly elegant!


Look Trendy and Fab with Jumpsuits!

Jumpsuits are a great addition to any wardrobe, especially in the summers. If you are a lover of minimal accessory, then jumpsuits are God’s gift to you! Even without any jewellery, you can rock in a jumpsuit with these practical style tips.

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