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Sizzling Outfits Idea for Valentine’s Day 2021

Sizzling Outfits Idea for Valentine’s Day 2021

The day of love is around the corner and now, red roses and red dresses are all common and mainstream if you’re looking for the outfit ideas for your Valentine’s 2021.

Let’s get out of the run-of-the-mill outfits and make our way through this new year with new trends! We have compiled a list of sizzling outfit ideas from boutique stores online for you and we’re strongly positive that you will like them. Have a look!

V-Day appealing outfit ideas for precious moments

For a Romantic Brunch:


Dinners are so overrated. Couples prefer to go for brunches these days and that is why it is important to have brunch outfits that fit the romantic vibes of Valentine's Day. So, while your perfect partner plans to take you on a perfect brunch, we’ll help you get ready for it. Since a little bit of winter is still around by the time Valentine’s arrives, sweaters and long-sleeved women’s tops will be in for this romantic day. 

Pair your favourite top or sweater with a pair of trousers or parallel pants and don a pair of wedges with the outfit. Put your hair up in a messy bun, wear a delicate neck piece and a few rings on your fingers, and flaunt the bag of your choice. Et voila! You are date-ready.

Wine Evenings with Boo:


Wine evenings are so underrated. Wine and Valentine’s go hand in hand, and when you want to spend the whole evening together, wine evening is generally the best idea. More importantly, the outfit for this occasion is supposed to be elegant and classy. Put on a classy black dress with the color and print that suits the mood.

Do not over-accessorize. Instead, just wear statement earrings, a combination of rose gold rings or a delicate bracelet, and an anklet to complete the outfit. Leave your hair be as they are and do not tie them up tightly. Light evening makeup with a little glitter and shimmer will really bring out the beauty of the outfit. Heels go really well with women’s dresses and in this case, high heels are your perfect pick.

Lunch Dates with your LOML:


If you are not someone who enjoys wearing short dresses but still want to look classy, jumpsuits are your way to do so. Combine your favourite women’s jumpsuit with your classiest pair of heels and be lunch ready with your Beau. One more thing you need to take in consideration here is that since jumpsuits are more of a single element outfit, you can elevate the beauty by adding accessories.

You can simply add one statement piece with your jumpsuit and that would be more than enough. For the choice of footwear, choose it according to the style of your romper or jumpsuit. 

Sightseeing or a Movie Date:


These are more of a casual date and you can totally rock a casual outfit whenever planning to go for sightseeing or movie dates. You can combine graphic tees with women’s jeans and casual sneakers for movie dates.

Another option is combining your favourite blouses with pleated women’s skirts. Skirts are so underrated when it comes to romantic outfits but trust us; pleated skirts can do wonders to your date outfit. You can add a pair of sheer stockings or thigh-high boots with these trendy skirts to look sexier.

For a Short Valentine’s Vacay:


If you are planning to get away from the town this Valentine’s day, you are at the perfect place right now. Here’s a quick and easy outfit idea for you if you are going someplace beachy. Wear a sports bra and a shirt over it. Instead of buttoning up the Plaid shirt, just leave it open or tie a knot in the front. Add a pair of denim shorts or a skirt, and you are ready to go!


Make your Valentine’s Day special for you and your partner by wearing these uber cool outfits from your very own Tickled Pink the trendy boutique store online. Although these are tried and tested outfit ideas, you can always experiment more and make outfits for yourself. We hope you have a fun and romantic getaway this Valentine’s!