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Choose your Prom dress wisely- Avoid these common errors!

Choose your Prom dress wisely- Avoid these common errors!

Prom night is one event where you want to look as beautiful and special as possible. The memories of this event are going to last for a lifetime so you don’t want to ruin your big day by making a mistake in choosing a bad prom dress. But the question is how do you choose the perfect prom dress?

While going to shop for dream night, avoid the mistakes such as:

Overboard with the sparkle:

You want to look unique but going a bit extra on the shine and sparkle is not the way to do so. Sparkle looks amazing but if it is in the right amount. The neckline, the hem of the dress or the straps could be sparkly but getting a dress loaded with glitter will only look tacky and attract everyone’s attention for all the wrong reasons. So try to keep a balance there.

Dress that fits like a second skin:

It doesn’t matter that you found your dream dress if it doesn’t ‘fit you right’. You don’t want your straps to keep flopping down while dancing because your dress wasn’t tailor-made for you. You can either buy a dress you like and alter it according to your body shape or put in some extra efforts to select the one that perfectly fits your curves. Be it a body-hugging Rachel Allan Prom dress or a Temptations Prom dress from The Tickled Pink Boutique, the style of the dress is the second thing that matters after its fit. Make sure you check that it fits your waist, shoulders, bust and hips.

An undergarment that fits right:

For any Prom Dress a right pair of underwear is a must. It may not be visible but is very essential to mould it well with your frame and give your gorgeous prom dress the required grace. You will need the right kind of bra that sits appropriately with your dress neckline and doesn’t do a peek-a-boo while you enjoy dancing with your partner. Picking up seamless undergarments will simply help you highlight your elegant contour!

Avoid a Prom malfunction:

You don’t want to feel embarrassed on your prom night, but that could happen if a wardrobe malfunction occurs. To avoid the embarrassment and to dance comfortably in your pretty prom dress, make sure your dress is held in place everywhere. If the dress has a plunging neckline, use double-sided tape to secure it. If some parts of the dress have a see-through fabric, just cover it up underneath. High-slits are something to be careful of. Before buying a dress with high slits, try it on and look if it looks okay from every angle. Also, be careful of the length of the dress. You don’t want to trip while walking or dancing.

Wrong Shoes:

The shoes you buy for your prom night should be comfortable and should mix with your outfit. Do not pick your shoes because they look good to make sure they are comfortable to wear and do not sting your feet. Also, carry some shoes with an equal heel height you plan to wear on prom night while shopping for your dress. That will give you a better perspective.

Right Makeup:

Your makeup should be on point too. Be very clear to the makeup artist about what you want your makeup to be like. Pay equal attention to your hair as well. Your look should be classy and elegant, and make up plays a huge part in deciding how you look. You can even try the look before prom night to be sure.  

All in all, make your prom night special by avoiding the common prom dress errors and make your prom night a memorable affair.