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Color-coordinate for prom: Dress & Date ideas

Color-coordinate for prom: Dress & Date ideas

Prom night arrives! Getting Goosebumps? Here you go, it's time to keep your heels and standards high.  

You have worn the dreamiest prom dress ever, and it's comfortable and flatters perfectly. Excited? But, what if you show up your date, seeing that what he's wearing clashes with your dress horribly!  

You both side-by-side look terrible in photos, and probably no one will guess ever you two are dates - Truly a nightmare! To prevent you from this fashion disaster, we have put up a guide to help you figure it out. We make sure you look stunning together on the big night with an online women's clothing store prom dress and get your picture-perfect prom photos by coordinating outfits with your date that absolutely turn heads. 

Ideas to color-coordinate your prom dresses for prom night.

Rock the same shade: 

You want to create a unified look by matching the shade of your long prom dress to the traditional tie, cummerbund, or pocket square that says: "HE/SHE's with me!" 

Firstly, choose your prom dress color, and it's wise to share your color choice with your date. Choose a color that is attractive and subtle and form a collective look by color-coordinating for prom night. Let's be honest, colors today have very interesting names, so don't just play with colors as not every navy blue is the same. A sample of your dress works well to find a bow, tie, or cummerbund with an exact match.  

Style sync by keeping prom theme in mind:

One of the most fun parts about prom night is the "Theme." But it can be depressing when it comes to choosing a dress. If you aren't sure about where to begin, choose a color scheme of your and your date's outfit, keeping the prom theme in mind.

Certain colors are an obvious match with the theme, such as:

  • Under the Sea? Choose aqua shades of blue and green. 
  • Casino Night? Begin with black and white and add gold and red accents.

However, if you choose a short prom dress rather than a long gown, your date can opt for a casual suit and tie and pair sneakers instead of black shoes for a quirky touch. If you plan to pull out a formal gown, your date should plan on a traditional tux and black tie with matching trousers and vest or cummerbund. Keeping your style in sync, you can rock as a #glam couple in the thrill prom theme party.

Choose a print or pattern to coordinate:

Add a little pop to your prom attire! Choose a vibrant print or a dress with a bold pattern from a boutique for prom dresses. To coordinate, if your date is wearing a tux, he can simply match the print or pattern by picking a tie, bow tie, or vest in the same pattern. If it seems too loud for your date, opt for subtle colors found in the pattern or print to coordinate with your dress.   

If your prom dress is heavily patterned and features a bunch of colors, your date is left with a choice of multiple colors to wear! If it seems overwhelming, go with a neutral color. He can simply wear a pocket square matched with your dress and neutral color vest and tie.  

Complement with colors:

Color-matching is a way to show affection, express emotion and make the other person feel closer. But let's face the truth, it's not everyone's cup of tea! Not everybody wants to be matchy-matchy on prom night. No problem! We have a neutral shade prom dress collection to match your dress and date's attire easily. 

Instead of matching it exactly, choose complementary colors:

  • Pair your light blue prom dress with a trendy navy tux of your date. 
  • Light pink dress with a classic gray suit
  • A sexy hot red dress with a traditional black tux.  

However, you can also color coordinate with your corsage or bouquet and boutonniere.

Keep it classy and elegant: 

Neutral shades always rock and roll! Never underestimate the power of black, white, or neutral prom dresses. The sharp black tuxedo or crisp white tux is a sign of sophisticated styling. These wardrobe staples are ideal in the fashion world to coordinate for a prom, so choose your prom dress wisely. It allows your gorgeous prom dress to take center stage. 

These classic hues also grant the ability to coordinate with accessories. Show off your bright golden heels that match your date's tie or your red jewelry or corsage match with your date's red vest or cummerbund. 

Looking for flower coordinating tips? Read on!

Finish it off with flowers:

Add a splash of color by adding prom flowers to your attire and easily coordinate with your date. Your date doesn't need to go loud, too, as a complementary corsage or boutonniere is the perfect accent to a dress or tuxedo. Check out the Perfect Prom Accessories for prom night.

Quick Q&A:

Does the tie need to match with a dress? 

It's not mandatory to match, but it looks great if it does! You can use ties as a way to match both outfits together, or you could also pick a metallic tie that suits the embellishment of your dress. It looks pretty and subtle. 

What color corsage to choose?

You can choose corsage and boutonniere that match or complement your dress and suit. The black suit looks best with a white and white suit is a great tone to add florist boutonniere. It looks personalized and coordinating more.

How to match a tux with your prom dress?

Firstly, it's a great idea to pick your dress first from boutiques for prom dresses. So he can pick the right color for his suit. Certain dresses pair well with certain suits, like navy suits with burgundy, metallic, and blush dresses—silver suits with a light pastel prom dress and bright hues with a black tuxedo.


Prom is highly anticipated and also an anxiety-inducing event. A prom-goers worry about a long list of decisions - coordinating a tux, shoes to match, or an appropriate tie that goes with your dress. Don't stress; relax and take a deep breath. We have sorted down all the ideas to coordinate for prom. And stand out from cliques by getting a dress and accessories from an online women's clothing store