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Mini or Maxi: The Ultimate guide on choosing the right length dress

Mini or Maxi: The Ultimate guide on choosing the right length dress

Hey you! It’s time to show off those gorgeous curvy legs! Summer is here, and we can’t wait to get to our wardrobes and take out those light breezy summer dresses. Light fabric, floral prints, knee-length dresses are the best clothing options to wear during the summer months. It keeps you comfortable and at the same time adds a style statement. If you’re confused with which dress length to choose, then this guide is for you.

Confused about which dress length to choose from?

Here is our complete style guide to choose the perfect length to add a touch glamour to your demeanor.

Short & Sexy? Choose the Mini:

Mini dresses are usually above knee length, so if you are ready to rock those long and beautiful legs, pick a mini shift dress with a loose silhouette. If you want to sport a short mini then pick a sheath dress to flaunt those sexy curves. 

Minis are a great summer day casual wear. Pair them with funky jewelry, matching accessories, and comfortable footwear. Minis paired with high heels or stiletto look gorgeous and will surely grab some eyeballs. Throw in a cropped jacket to get a complete summer party looks!

Mini dresses are also fun to wear on a girls’ night out with your girlfriends. However, certain occasions might not be appropriate for a mini dress – for example, a formal meeting with a client. 



In between: The Midi

Midis were a fashion statement in the 1950s but they still rule. Midis are not too short like the minis nor as long as a maxi dress but are somewhere in between. Picking up a midi dress can get tricky; you need to ensure the hems end in a place where the leg is narrow to enhance your silhouette. Ideally, you should go with a length that hovers somewhere above the ankle around the calf.

Midis are great summer dresses especially for formal meetings or a day out with friends. Pencil-cut midi skirts paired with a top and heels and a piece of jewelry or two is the best office wear during the summer. The length is conservative with a short slit at the back for easy movement. If you want to sport a vintage look, go for a shirtwaist dress or an A-line dress.

Midis can be of varying lengths (knee length to ankle length) but whatever you choose, it can help you to make the perfect fashion statement be it for a formal occasion or a casual outing. Throw in a jacket or accessories with subtle jewelry and a pair of heels for those formal occasions.




Maxi dress:

Heading to a beach holiday this summer? You got to pack a few long dresses for your ultimate summer holiday look. Maxi dresses suit women of all size and height and are considered to be the best summer dresses. 

Maxi dresses can be up to ankle length or could be floor length. Wear heels if you choose to wear an ankle-length maxi dress or flats if you wear a floor-length dress. And yes, maxi dresses are just right in case you forgot to shave your legs! Tickled Pink Boutique sells gorgeous maxi dresses of a wide range of colors and designs. 



Knee-length dresses:

Summer dresses that are just up to knee-length look gorgeous as well. Since knees are the smaller parts of the legs, a knee-length dress gives you a slimming appearance. Irrespective of your height or weight you can wear a knee-length dress that ends just right above your knees. Even if you have got enough of knee-length dresses in your wardrobe, you can always take a peek. A knee-length asymmetrical dress is a hot trend for this season. A body-hugging asymmetrical knee-length dress is the perfect piece of clothing to flaunt your curves. 

Be it mini or maxi, there are a lot of options when it comes to deciding on summer dresses. Whatever you choose to style yourself with, ensure you are comfortable in the dress and ensure how much leg you want to show off. Wear it with confidence and you will do just fine! Head on to Tickled Pink Boutique to grab some coolest summer dresses of the season and show off your fashion in style.