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Rock the Prom with a spectacular prom dress according to your body type!

Rock the Prom with a spectacular prom dress according to your body type!

To all the high school girls out there, it’s that time of the year that would keep you guessing & thinking about which dress to choose for the most important phase or probably the highlight of high school - Prom! And, an even more confusing situation arises when you go clueless about which dress to lock for the event according to your body shape. Not to mention that many of you young ladies don't even have the slightest clue of what that has to do with choosing a dress for the prom. Body shape, really? Well yes, it ought to be the most crucial aspect & a deciding factor whether you will rock the show or just flop it. Understanding your body type first to know which dress will suit & fit best to you is an essential factor before making a grand entry to your prom like a star.

To make things easier for you & to spare you of the headache for deciding on that one masterpiece for your prom, "Tickled Pink Boutique" in Mitchell, South Dakota comes to your rescue to offer you their magnificent range of  extraordinary prom dresses, worth of a red carpet entry, which you can decide according to your body shape. Let us go through a few body shapes & the prom dresses that can fit the best with them.

Girls Admirable Apple :

With an Apple body type are those who have typically a heavier & a wider upper body as compared to their lower body. They have thinner legs & sometimes an undefined waistline. Although experts say many dress styles suit them, dresses with an empire waist can make their midsection look flatter. 34569 prom dress is a floor-length skirt prom outfit that comes with a V neckline along with straps & lace detailing. The empire waistline & the high leg slit in the dress draws away the attention from the middle section & gives them a balanced look. 



Pleasant Pear :

Pear body type, also called a triangle-shaped body is where the hips & the lower part of the body are wider than the shoulders with a smaller bust. Ladies can go for dresses that give a well-balanced silhouette, accentuating the upper body & driving attention from the lower body. And, 2347 prom dress just does that. With cross stripes at the back & stripe around the neckline, this long gown gives a pear body type the absolute symmetry it requires.


Sumptuous Slender :

Girls having an overall thin frame like body but that which makes them look quite delicate & having a slim athletic figure can go for prom dresses that make their physique look longer & leaner much like the fitted & body-hugging dresses. 53564 prom dress is the ideal choice as it is a sequined floor-length prom gown with a high halter neckline & a high leg slit that adds some dimensions to their body & charm to their look.

Ravishing Rectangle :

Rectangle body type have shoulders, waist & hip of almost similar widths & since they do not have a defined waistline, dresses that can give their look, curves & dimensions can do wonders. Hence, 28502 prom dress that offers multiple ruffles with a floor-length gown & high leg slit with a steep V neckline paired with straps gives them the oomph factor to rock that party.

Heavenly Hourglass :

This figure is where the upper body is proportionate to the hips & the waist is also well-defined. It is known to be a perfectly proportionate body as the figure appears voluminous & curvy. To do justice to this body type, 28612 prom dress offers a fully sequined gown & a mermaid style floor-length skirt that fits flawlessly to the natural curves of the body with criss-cross lace detailing at the back & high halter neckline making them look like a celeb.

Pretty Petite :

If you are less than 5 feet 4 inches, you have a petite figure. Anything that is too long for your height can try to overwhelm your frame so choose fitted, or high-low dresses that can visually lengthen your figure. 27783 prom dress can do wonders to petite body types, giving them a layered flowy pattern, visually elongating their figure. A strapless front with zipping at the back can turn heads at the party.

To feel like one of those runway models or make a star-like entry, start prepping up for the prom before 3-4 months, and do not forget to select matching jewels & accessories that align with it perfectly. Also remember, a good pair of heels always adds to the glamour.