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Women are social butterflies and prom nights give them the luxury to mingle with their peers enthralling themselves in a whirlwind experience. To socialize with your mates you need to sport that perfect flamboyant look which is a daunting task for gals. Men can get away with their quick-picks, borrowing or renting their attires; however, the nuances for women go way ahead when it comes to planning for their special evenings.

Most certainly the ordeal of choosing the appropriate prom dress for the young sweethearts can take a toll on them, but with the right guidance and perfect imagination, one can sail through the rough waters triumphantly. So here we go with our list of do’s to help you pick your right prom dress! 

Check your pockets :

Budgeting is the most indispensable part of stepping on the right foot to avoid being misled. With so many offers and postings on prom dresses, one might get overshadowed to purchase an expensive prom gown that may sway their budget, causing them to be disheartened in the end. There are a plethora of additional accessories such as jewellery, shoes, and bags that one would need to purchase to enhance their overall oomph factor. So, if the prom dress budget is set, it will eliminate any unnecessary stress that one may encounter later on and it will also shorten the list of gowns that one can pick from making this cumbersome task fairly easy. Tickled Pink is one of those boutiques that has mentally noted the tiniest of your shopping aspects, catering to your needs with prom dresses available from a fairly reasonable range of $259(9151 Prom Dress) to a heavy range of $819 ( 53437 Prom Dress). You surely would want to check our designs once your budget is set.

Know what suits you :

Rather than trying something new, it is advisable to stick to what you are comfortable wearing when you go for such formal occasions. Comfort is the most essential key to boost your confidence and make you spot a flawless look. Another key element is to study your body well, to decide which type of dress would suit you the best. If you have those sexy curves that you would want to flaunt you can pick from our ensemble(7206 Prom Dress, 7191 Prom Dress), whereas if you want to camouflage those extra pounds you need not be apprehensive as you can try the more sober and decent versions of our collection(34512P Prom Dress, 34523P Prom Dress).

Sometimes you may even have to consider the intricate detailing such as the necklines that enhance your face type to the supreme level to ensure that your prom dress is not a misfit. For instance, the V, Empire and Queen Anne necklines would suit the oval face cuts. Beware oval face cuts while selecting the Sweetheart or Sabrina necklines as they would best suit the triangle face types.

Online portals for prom dresses :

There is no dearth of options on the web front when it comes to selecting variable styles and accessories to make you sizzle and sparkle on your memorable night. These online stores are not only huge in terms of their size but are also very pocket-friendly offering humongous discounts. One important thing to remember while surfing for your prom outfit would be not to be side-tracked, keeping your budget and style in mind would help you narrow down your list to choose from. We at Tickled Pink Boutique, South Dakota’s premium dressing hub are renowned for their quality, style, and pricing as customer satisfaction has been our motto ever since our establishment.

Old is Gold :

It is not compulsory to always look out for new prom dresses, as this night demands that your look differs from the lot, making you stand apart amongst the rest of the crowd. Now sometimes themes are set for prom nights and getting the right attire according to the theme may not always be a piece of cake. As an option, you may want to put on your creative hat and try out some new whacky style to emphasize your presence or you may want to stitch the entire outfit yourself. Another thing you may try is to keep a watchful eye for garage sales in your neighbourhood or even borrow some old stuff from your grandma or relative to affix staring eyes on your commendable look.

Compliment your prom dress :

A women’s look is incomplete without the right accessories. So don’t move, stop right here as you will find all that you need to accessorize for your lovely night. From matching jewellery to shoes and purses, we have it all under one roof. So worry less and shop more as you have come to the right place that will ease your prom night shopping worries.

Plan in Advance :

Since this is a special event, it deserves being given enough priority. Now to ensure that you are not caught up in the last minute hustle-bustle you need to begin way in advance. Last-minute shopping can tend to become stressful, making you compromise on your look on your special night. If you are ordering a dress online, you may have to return it for one or another reason which will surely need time. Also, you may not be able to find matching accessories right away so you may have to get it tailor-made, which is going to be time-consuming. If you even buy from a local boutique you might just wish to get a perfect fit by altering it from a tailor or seamstress which may take a while. So don’t wait until the last minute to start early and get the best for yourself.

Don’t let this prom dress searching become a burden, enjoy each moment of your shopping spree with Tickled Pink as we are always there to assist you in all your endeavours. With some careful and wise planning, you will be able to spot your ideal prom dress for your perfect night.