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Spiral Glitter Wand 6-1/2

  • $ 3.99

Glitter Wands are clear spiral tubes filled with glitter and metallic shapes floating in liquid. Tilt the wand back and forth and the sparkly solution moves slowly from end to end, making this fidget toy visually enjoyable, without being too distracting.


  • SOUND: completely silent
  • MATERIAL: durable plastic
  • SIZE: These wands are 6" long
  • VARIATIONS: Assorted colors are packed randomly
  • CLEANING WARNING: when sanitized in the dishwasher, the endcap of the wand fell off. We recommend cleaning this one with a spray and wipe disinfectant.

Fidget and fiddle "toys" are truly serious learning tools. Kinesthetic learners will focus better and absorb your material more quickly if they have something to do with their hands.